Apple Cider Vinegar a.k.a ACV is a natural product that I love. I always purchase Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s the only brand I know that contains the “mother” in it. Only raw organic apple cider vinegar has the “mother of vinegar” that makes the vinegar so beneficial. The “mother” is made up living nutrients and bacteria. You can actually see it settled in the bottom. I swear by ACV rinses on my hair at least once a month and I have also used it for many of the benefits listed below:

1. Use it on your hair and scalp. 1/4 cup of ACV mixed with 2 cups of water used as a rinse after you shampoo and condition closes the hairs cuticle, adds shine, clarifies the hair and scalp  and helps with the pH balance of the scalp. You can also use it instead of shampoo since it clarifies.

2. Control your weight. Add 2 tablespoons of ACV to 8 oz. of water and drink up to help you control weight.

3. Detox with it. Again, adding 2 tablespoons ACV to 8 oz. of water and drinking it can remove excess toxins and sludge. It’s best to drink it in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

4. Use it for acne. Adding 1 part ACV with 1 part water in a small container and dip a cotton ball or cotton pad in it. Wipe it all over your face. Using it as a toner can set the pH level of the face in balance. It also helps to kill bacteria which causes acne.

5. Soothe sunburns or muscle pains. Add a few cups of ACV to your bath water.

6. Whiten your teeth. Applying ACV will help remove stains and residue.

7. Clean with it. ACV is a strong disinfectant and can be used as a cleaning agent (ex: glass, mirrors, hard surfaces, etc…).

8. Support your immune system. Adding 2 tablespoons of ACV to 8 oz. of water and drinking it can support a healthy immune system.

9. Promotes Digestion and pH balance.

10. Beat work out exhaustion. The potassium and enzymes in ACV relieve the tired feeling from the lactic acid build up in he body after a work out.

11. Clear a stuffy nose. Adding 2 tablespoons of ACV to 8 oz. of water and drinking it can help drain the sinuses.

12. Sore throat. Mix 1/4 cup of ACV with 1/4 cup warm water and gargle every hour or so. The ACV will create an acidic environment where germs can’t survive.

You can purchase Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar online, in Whole Foods, and other health food stores.