Via Essence My brother Paul C. Brunson did it again with this article. I am an advocate for any race or ethnicity to get married and live happily ever after because love has no color in my mind, but this article takes a good healthy look at how to save black marriages.

“Exhausted by finger-pointing about the supposed dire state of Black love, I recently went to my Twitter followers to get their opinion on what the single most important method of increasing the number of Black marriages. Here are 20 responses I found most interesting.” -Paul C. Brunson

Here are some of my favorites:
How to Make It Work

- “Improved communication in couples before vows are made. A lot of people don’t discuss wants and desires before marriage.” By @ibanomaly

- “Instead of the media pushing co-habitation, marriage should be encouraged instead.” By @imlizzashley

- “Women need to learn their role and allow a man to be a man. God didn’t intend for the woman to be the head.” By @Only1Maranda

- “Put God first!” By @EllyG_

- “Emphasize the spiritual significance of the covenant over the legal significance of the contract.” By @BWSchick

To read all 20 Ways to Save Black Marriage, click on this link —> Essence