(More style photos inside post) Denim can be a great way to dress down any outfit especially form fitting clothes but then add flower prints to the mix and you have a perfect romping around listening to your favorite band festival/concert outfit but listening to your favorite band can be as pleasant doing taxes if you are in uncomfortable attire! So to make sure your festival experiences are memorable because of the music, here are 3 fast tips to ensure you some relief from the summer heat when wearing form fitting dresses.

  • First, make sure the material of your dress is light with good ventilation such as a thin cotton fabric.
  • Second, the materials should have some sort of a stretch blend nothing more miserable in the summer than wearing a fabric that has no give.
  • Third, the color of your dress should preferably be some sort of pattern whether it be flowers, shapes, psychedelic designs etc. Sticking with patterns when it comes to form fitting dresses disguises sweat from the summer heat. Nothing like looking adorable but being unaware of a huge sweat mark on your booty!

Here is another one of those UBB Fashionista on a Budget Series

Flower Dress: Forever 21; 12.00 USD

Long Denim Shirt: Strawberry; 9.99 USD

80’s Taupe woven & braided leather shoes: Beacon’s Closet; 9.99 USD

Forrest Green & Brown leather purse: ESPRIT (Beacon’s Closet); 11.95 USD

Complete Look: 44.00 USD :)