This picture was taken last Friday evening while working out at the gym with my husband. I asked him if I should do a fitness pose while he took the pic…I’m such a dork! So in a Kevin Hart voice* he said, “no… no… not yet…”…lol.
I have been on about a 3 month hiatus due to my runners knee, but now that it has pretty much healed, I am back to my weekly workout routine.  Carl and I go to the gym about 4x – 5x a week after he gets home from work and we finish eating dinner. Our workouts consist of cardio ( running or precor) and then lifting weights. And to be honest…I’m not a huge fan of the gym, I prefer to do my yoga classes.  But ever since I began living with my hubby, which would be the first year of our marriage, I have decided to join him in his workouts. We have vowed to each other to stay healthy and fit until the day we die (that sounds dramatic…lol). Thank God my husband is very disciplined when it comes to working out because he pushes me when I don’t feel like it. So if you’re like me and need a push the best advice I have is to get a gym partner.  Having someone to go to the gym with is great motivation and it’s fun. My husband and I actually have a great time while working out, we get a lot of clowning around done :).  So….I wanted to share 50 amazing reasons to exercise.