Here are 8 simple steps I followed throughout the 4 years of my hair journey which helped me grow 21 inches in length. These tips were followed consistently throughout my 4 year natural hair journey. I have practiced other methods that were the exact opposite of the tips below previous years before my natural hair journey and experienced major negative differences in length in health of my hair.

*Pictured above hair is in 140 loose twists (with 50% shrinkage)

  • Minimal to low heat
  • Sealing your ends (at least weekly)
  • Clearing scalp of buildup (weekly)
  • Protective styling weekly (low manipulation)
  • Placing moisture into my strands (at least every other day)
  • Sleeping with a scarf on every night
  • Patience and gentleness when detangling
  • No chemical processing

In the end everyone has their own methods to maintaining length and health of their strands but just wanted to share my tips which can be great additional assets to your hair routine and benefit your strands in the end regardless of your own personal hair practices :) 

Is there a hair tip you would like to share that helped the health or length of your strands?