Everyone has their own successful techniques of sealing of their ends but here is my personal detailed 8 step routine in how I seal my ends each week.

  1. Before I proceed with the steps below I always perform a search and destroy or dusting of my ends. The search and destroy or dusting method is just an alternative to simply blunt trimming of any split ends you may have. To search and destroy simply take a section of your hair and hold your ends up towards a lighted area such as a computer screen and clip away any split ends you may see. 
  2. Now even though I detangle anywhere between 2-4 weeks and wash my hair once a month, I seal my ends weekly! This means whether I detangle or not, I will always take my twists down from whatever updo style I am rockin for the week and oil my hair and scalp with my Love Potion #9 concoction.
  3. While I am oiling my hair I always remember to leave about 3-4 inches of the tip of my hair oil free. Since I will begin my process of sealing my ends soon after step 1, oil lathered ends makes it much more difficult for water to penetrate your hair shaft and reach the cortex.
  4.  I will then divide my twists into 8 sections
  5. Then I will take a small 8 oz container filled half way with warm water and dunk 3-4 inches of one of the 8 sections and let the ends soak for about 60 seconds or so. Now if your hair is shorter you can grab a section of hair and spray your ends with a water bottle. A tip to ensuring you are just wetting your ends is to put the nozzle of the water bottle directly on top of your ends this way if you don’t want to get the rest of your hair wet this tip saves you from doing so.
  6.  After I have finished with one section I will then squeeze the excess water from my ends with my fingers. Remember to remove the excess water because this will make it much easier for you to place a sufficient amount of oils or butters onto your ends and have these products actually stick to your ends instead of slipping away with the excess water as your ends dry. The water has done its job which is moisturize now it is time to make sure your oils and butters can do their job which is protect that moisture. The more protection you have on your ends after moisturizing the longer your ends will be protected and less likely to split.
  7.  When I have removed the excess water I will then oil my hair with my Love Potion #9 http://urbanbushbabes.com/?p=2071
  8. Once I have placed the oils on the ends of my section, I will then twist that section of twists into one large twist and bantu knot.  I have found after I have sealed my ends by twisting them or tucking them into a protective style, my ends dry smoothly while retaining more moisture versus leaving my just sealed ends to air dry free form or in my case leaving the ends of my twists down instead of twisting and tucking away.

 *Will repeat steps 4-8 on the remaining sections. All steps are performed one at a time on each of the 8 sections. I find that oiling, twisting and tucking my ends in some form of a protective style on each section really helps to maintain sleeker long lasting moisturized ends versus performing all the steps letting my ends dry free form without my tucking ends.