Click Read More + Comment for additional photos. I was selected to shoot a campaign for Kmart on Saturday where they picked individuals based off their unique personal style of all sizes, ages and ethnicities and let me tell you this will reveal Kmart in a whole new light. The whole concept of the campaign is simply amazing.  I was actually found through a site called Fashion Bomb Daily where they do features on fashionistas of the day and people can vote and comment on the features. The Fashion Bomb Daily has some amazing style features of individuals whose pictures were sent to the site by the fashionistas themselves or by others. For the most part the comments for my feature were pleasant and I received a lot of love but some were….well you know some people, lol. You can view the feature, comments and votes by clicking this link.

Long story short do not be afraid to be yourself because if you are afraid of being judged by others for being just who you are, you miss so many amazing opportunities that are waiting in the horizon.  I have always had the mindset that you may not feel someone’s unique style but can conduct yourself in a positive format. I can appreciate the difference in other’s style choices even if I am not a fan but people are people and hopefully those who judge so harshly will someday see the light of positivity.

I’m really excited about this campaign and the message that it is sending, I don’t want to give too much away (or can’t lol at least for the moment) but here is a sneak preview of behind the scenes. I purposely took my camera so I could share with all of you.

Behind the Scenes

The Talent:

How fly and stylish is Debra she was also featured on Style Like U one of my favorite sites, checkout her video interview here at She dyed the entire middle area of her hair bright pink and left the sides grey.

Debra showing style transpires any age

Quinesha, from Bedstuy who was an absolute sweetheart about to be dolled up for her photoshoot

Eve from LA whose look was downright sexy but in a very tasteful way, Eve was a complete ball of fire. She really had me laughing away.

Sarah from LA was just as crazy as I was on set. The vibe on set was very playful not the typical model posey.

May who was also featured on Style like U, check her video interview out here at


Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) This is just a few of the selected stylistas, the campaign was shot over 3 days, with a total of 20 individuals.

The Team:

Christine head woman in charge of style (ah look at the outfit, killin it), who offered some great suggestions she definitely knows her stuff! Plus I love her vintage shirt!

The beautiful ladies assisting and from their style you can see why!

The Amazing Tailor!

The talented head Hair stylist Alberto Guzman from Puerto Rico whose whole look I love especially the glasses. Everyone knows my small obsession with frames, lol.

Hair stylist Julianne from Harlem who was assisting Joe for the shoot, really feelin her haircut

Julianne’s kicka@s style, love the use of asymmetrical lines

Brooklyn & Harlem chezzin during some down time.

Lead makeup artist Shawnelle and Amy makeup artist assisting (not pictured) who really brought out the beautiful features of the talent.

The arsenal, lol

The Clothes:

Ahh the clothes…..

and more clothes……

and more clothes……

and YES more clothes, heaven!

Imagine if your closet was this big?

The Accessories

Handbags, I want every single one!


Shoes: 1 Combat boots 2. Plaid Van like sneakers 3. Cheetah Mary Jane Pumps 4. Black & White tweed sneakers

Sunglasses: 1.1960’s styled flip lid copper tone 2. Mirror reflected black aviators 3. Clear 1950’s style squared frames 4. 1950’s style cat eye frames with faux diamond studs at the tips of the frames

Jewelry: 1. Black corded chain metal and stone bracelet 2. Large chunky rings 3. Thick chain link long necklace 4. Assorted chains and cross necklace combined into one.

*Stay tuned for part two of the Kmart campaign which was shot over 3 days with a total of 20 individuals. I will share video talking about everything from style to my inspirations, the amazing new clothes at Kmart (and I do mean amazing) and reveal all the secrets of the final looks and why this campaign is like no other (when given the go ahead, lol). The Campaign should be revealed in the fall.