A Tea Takeover: Influential Women on the Brink of Brilliance, was founded due to the extremely unfortunate and systematic disconnect between education and the arts in our country–most specifically in New York City. Throughout my six years of working with youth in this city, I have found the disparities in our public school system to be astounding, however motivating. School districts across the state have cut funding for art, creative activities and active after-school programs, which in turn has diluted both inspirations and aspirations of our youth. Many of our students struggle to find their own identity through the images of “cool” that American mass media bombards them with. Without creative outlets and inspiration, they are often lost and discouraged during their crucial life development in childhood and adolescence.

These students need the support of strong brands and the creative women who will attend this event. The purpose of this event is to create a bridge for representatives from organizations such as family shelters, after-school programming, mentoring programs, and fashion companies. In addition, greater life incentives can be achieved by connecting major mavens from these organizations who have purpose, vision and a mission. In bringing these women into one space, we can create an atmosphere charged with positivity and servitude designed to enhance ideas, programs and events that will surely be the impetus needed to positively impact our youth.” –Zewiditu Jewel (Founder of  A Tea Takeover)




A Tea Takeover: “Influential Women on the Brink of Brilliance”

*Photos: Joselynn Cortes

I was cordially invited to the 2nd Annual, ”Tea Takeover Influential Women on the Brink of Brilliance” event  held at the Harlem RBI this past Sunday. Founded by the amazing Zewedith Jewel the evening brought together incredible women and organizations making a change amongst our youth, in affecting their lives in not only a positive way but by leading through inspiration, from not only talking the talk but walking the walk.

Guest Speakers

Zewiditu Jewel Founder of A Tea Takeover

Zebi Williams, Founder of Lil Raggamuffin Camp (More info on the Lil Raggamuffin Camp here)

Sallome Hralima, Designer and Creator of training & life-affirming experiences for Dream Directors at The Future Project (More info on The Future Project here)

Emani Mitchell Founder of LSquare  & L2 (To find out more on LSquare & L2 click here)

Janelle Bechdol of Hall Pass Tour (To find out more on the Hall Pass Tour click here)

Representative Tiffany Viruet of Citizen Schools (To find out more on the Citizen Schools click here)

Justina Sharrock of Harlem RBI (To find out more on the Harlem RBI click here)




2013 Tea Takeover 005(L) Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist, TK Wonder

2013 Tea Takeover 004

2013 Tea Takeover 010Co-Designer of William Okpo, Darlene Okpo

2013 Tea Takeover 011

2013 Tea Takeover 012Owner of BklynQueens Vintage, Keira Chatman

2013 Tea Takeover 014

2013 Tea Takeover 016

2013 Tea Takeover 018Luella Mink

2013 Tea Takeover 019 rDesigner of Sammy B, Samantha Black (Also the latest Designer on 2013 Project Runway, airing this Thursday, January 24th on the Lifetime channel)

2013 Tea Takeover 021 rSinger/Songwriter/Lyricist TK Wonder

2013 Tea Takeover 025Designers of Coco and Breezy, Coco and Breezy

2013 Tea Takeover 027 r

2013 Tea Takeover 026r

2013 Tea Takeover 028

2013 Tea Takeover 029

2013 Tea Takeover 029

2013 Tea Takeover 031

2013 Tea Takeover 048

2013 Tea Takeover 034Co-Founder of PynkBerri, Rushell Marshall

2013 Tea Takeover 033

2013 Tea Takeover 036

2013 Tea Takeover 037

2013 Tea Takeover 015

2013 Tea Takeover 039

2013 Tea Takeover 043Whitney Richardson News Assistant at The New York Times

2013 Tea Takeover 032Khayriyyah Muhammad

2013 Tea Takeover 042

2013 Tea Takeover 041

2013 Tea Takeover 044

2013 Tea Takeover 045Shoe Designer of Jezabelles,Dominique Wells

2013 Tea Takeover 047Jezabelles Custom Shoes

2013 Tea Takeover 049LaShaia Artis reignapiim

2013 Tea Takeover 052 2013 Tea Takeover 050

2013 Tea Takeover 064Jamila Galloway of Thirty Darling

2013 Tea Takeover 052

2013 Tea Takeover 054Zebi Williams Founder of Lil Raggamuffin Summercamp

2013 Tea Takeover 053 r

Harlem RBI in New York

Founder of A Tea Takeover, Zewiditu Jewel. For more info on A Tea Takeover click here

Zewiditu Jewel (Photo by Rae Maxwell). Zewiditu’s Tumblr Site here