This touching 2 minute video called I forgot My Phone is the sad reality of why we are not living in the moment. I wanted to share this in hopes of opening up an important dialogue about how technology, phones, internet, etc….can be a blessing at times and has it positive sides, but  it has also obviously become more of an addiction that has crippled people from forming real connections and from really living in the moment. It’s scarey to read all the research and studies that show lower relationship quality and less closeness because of cellphone use.


I can recall some personal examples from my own life. When I was living in NYC I grew tired of going to events where everyone was on their phone, either as a default because they didn’t feel comfortable interacting with new people so they just got on their phone or because people wanted to take pictures with certain people or just take pictures of the event so they could tweet, instagram, facebook, tumble, blog, etc…all in the name of networking or building an online image. I found myself feeling really sad and frustrated because I yearned to really get to know people beyond picture taking and everyone on their phones. I yearned to live in the moment of just hanging out and really connecting without a phone being involved. After a while I found myself being drawn to people who barely used their phones, it’s one of the things I love about my husband, he rarely ever uses his phone for anything.


I know that I have to keep myself in check on how much I use my phone on a daily basis, especially being a blogger I purposely seek out balance for it everyday. There are days throughout the week that I choose to abstain from using my phone and the internet for the very reason that this video was made, to make sure I’m living in the moment and that I am really connecting with people. There are times where I just say to myself, “although you’re co-founder of a blog Nikisha, you can’t take a picture of what you’re doing right now, because you reserve the right to live in the moment.” There are times where I wish we could go back to the days of house phones.  Let’s use this technology in moderation and learn to be more present in life’s moments. Here is a great article called Is Your Phone Killing  Your Relationships?. Please feel free to share your thoughts and share this video.