Click ‘Read More + Comment’ to view videos. Meet abstract artist Chantel Barlow, an acrylic painter who prefers wood as her canvas and nature as her source of inspiration. Watch Chantel and her work in motion in a short series of exhibit show videos.


Artist Statement:


“ I let the environment inspire me without letting it interrupt my process. The ebb and flow of my surroundings leaves an energy imprint, which is visualized when I create. As I relinquish control, the wood and paint make decisions for me. In this sense, painting allows me to be irresponsible. I am detached from social expectations, opinions, and interpretations; this is a “think-less” experience.

Objects that are taken for granted inspire me. I prefer wood that has been discarded due to characteristics that are viewed as abnormalities (knots in the wood, uneven texture). How it feels, smells, and its consumption of paint due to its porous nature, provides character and versatility that allows for a unique painting process each time I create.

I use acrylic paint and wood stain to enhance texture seen in items that have been cast aside or overlooked in the environment. I bring what has been abandoned to the forefront; the background becomes the focus. I use each component to translate what has inspired me, creating what appears to be an abstract work, when in reality it is an accurate representation of the feelings I discovered in my surroundings.”-Chantal Barlow 





Chantel Barlow