Antidotestreet.com is a leading UK / European online destination with best curation of products for Afro & Multi-textured hair, advice and fast & affordable shipping.




For a long time access to the products required for the unique needs of women with multi textured hair has been a challenge for women in UK and Europe. We created Antidote Street for the frustrated customer who has had to search high and low for that ‘It product’, traveled out of their way to find it, or paid twice the amount in shipping in order to get it.


We want to revolutionize ACCESS by making it super convenient for our customers to find to high quality products and high quality advice in an easy and hassle free way.




Beautiful customer experience
We constantly obsess over the tiny details so that we can provide a stellar customer experience to everyone who shops on Antidotestreet.com. Everything from when the customer lands on the site to when they receive their parcel in our doctor inspired kit (see pictured below). It is amazing when a customer tells us they had an amazing experience (we do a little dance!) but actually the opportunities to improve and tweak what we are doing are equally a blessing because it makes us stronger and keeps us ahead of the curve.


nn Kit 2



Strong product curation
We spend a lot of time researching every product on the site, stocking a beautifully curated edit of the best and hard working products. Right now, we have over 30 brands on our site, from Alikay Naturals to Shea Moisture. We have a strong relationship with the brands so that we can constantly send them feedback from our customers so that they can improve their product development. We also provide a platform for cult & homegrown UK brands like SKIMDO (loved by FKA Twigs and Lianne La Havas), Afrocenchix and Hug My Hair to grow.


We get black hair and are passionate about being an authoritative voice on how to use the products that they purchase from Antidotestreet.com. We offer a number of initiatives to promote interactivity, education and personalize our offering to the Antidotestreet.com customer.
We recently launched a Hair & Scalp Expert on our site who is available 24/7 to answer hair related questions and offer advice to our customers. We also offer product master classes across our website and social media pages to ensure that our customers
Ah, you are putting us in a difficult position now:-) We are totally biased and will say ALL OF THEM on the site. On the serious note though, we know that there is not one product, which works for everyone. For example, what works for my hair, which has a looser curl, is totally different from my Co-founder Seun who has a kinky yet fine texture. This is the reason why we offer Pick n Mix edit where customers can shop travel sizes from as little as £1 with free delivery so that they can try and see if it works before committing to a larger size.


I personally love these:


Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair – This is a protein treatment which I use for strengthening my hair. It can be used on all kinds of hair, but specifically for dry, damaged, color or chemically treated hair.



Anita Grant Creamy Caffe Leave In – This is my go-to daily moisturizer. No matter dry my hair is in the morning, this always restores it to a beautiful soft and fluffy state. It smells like coffee, and given that I recently quit caffeine, this is serving as my daily fix.


Whilst Seun loves:
Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In – It is very easy to apply as it is in a spray bottle and helps retain the moisture in her thick luscious curls as part of her LOC treatment.


Alikay Naturals Moisture Parfait – It is specially formulated for making her kinky yet fine hair. It also helps with creating amazing twist outs.


Across UK & Europe, we are working very hard to make it super easy for our customers to access the products and brands, which they love and cannot find easily. In December last year, we hosted a one-week pop up event at uber cool Box Park, Shoreditch location. This even brought together lots of healthy hair enthusiasts, bloggers and hair experts, sharing and offering advice and tips. Check out the pictures below.


-Notes to Editor-


About the Co-Founders
Antidote Street is established and run by three directors – Winnie Awa, Kamil Kluza and Seun Lawal – two Nigerian Ladies and a Polish / German gent, all of whom strongly advocate cutting the faff associated with black hair and skin care product access and minimizing unpleasant scenarios – one product at a time.