Via: Africancreature

Gator, put the new leave in moisturizer down! I admit that I was a product junkie (pj), actually I’m still in recovery. Underneath my sink still looks like a shelf at Target and the Vitamin Shoppe combined. At the beginning of my new found hair journey, I was just so excited to try everything and wanted to find what worked best on my hair. Recently in the past months I have stuck to what has worked best for me and stopped buying new products (until the other day, I broke down and got 2 Shea Moisture products). But it’s hard, especially in the beginning when you are trying to find that “magic” product, or you haven’t found that “magic” one even after a long journey. My recommendation is to avoid being a JUNKIE! If you have found what works for you then stick with it.

But what recommendation can we give to the ladies that haven’t found their “magic” product/s?  Is there anyone out there that has been a pj and stopped?How did you stop? Is there anyone who is still a pj?