Click Read More + Comment for additional photos. Brooklyn born/Jersey raised artist James Eugene (Jim114) is a hybrid artisan who skirts the line between traditional and digital art. As a graduate of Atlanta College of Art (for multimedia and painting), and The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art (for painting and illustration), James finds himself in a very unique position of being a classically trained artist, and digitally disciplined creative person. While being commissioned for many illustration works in his career, James considers himself a fine artist simply because of the vast amounts of personal fine works and collections that he has produced over the years. He is also known for using his fine art style to embellish certain commercial projects that he believes in. Still, the body of his work is totally encompassed within a dreamlike story that he has been working nonstop on since 1993.

By combining art nuances from historical art movements such as Dadaism, Pop Art, Surrealism, Russian deconstructionism, with his own Haitian, African, and African American ancestry, James creates the base for his art style. Then, fusing visions from the uncertain future, propaganda paintings from the past century, and his own metropolitan upbringing in the tri-state New York area, he has added a stylish revolutionary twist to art possibilities. Lastly, with various musical influence, Ancient Egyptian-Nubian, Indian, Native American, Asian aesthetics, and shamanistic aesthetics, the artist James Eugene is poised to have a global appeal with his uncommon art form self titled, “114″.



Lioness & Cub – Last Tribe


Archetype Star


Part of the Fufure


Reine Rouge


Future Eye 114


Spirie Technological Spiritual Being


God Particle


TaiyouZoku NA


Water is Sacred


Tribe 0


Listen to the Universe



Ancestors Walking






Future Lounge


Flux NA


Love & War



Queen of Love & Light




Future Memories




4 Winds, 1 out of 4


Toujour-Welcome to the tribe


James Eugene at work

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