Artist, Lauren Muller shares with UBB on how her passion of art was sparked, source of her inspiration and how it has evolved.



Photo: Shanita Sims


I’ve been doing art since I was a kid. I thank my mother for that. She sent me to so many art classes, I guess to keep the four year old me occupied. But it wasn’t a chore for me, because I loved it, and she recognized that. She said I would sit and draw for countless hours, extremely focused, and I believe her because I do the same thing now- except I paint more than I draw. Its funny, but for the longest time I thought I couldn’t paint. In school, we always learned about the greats; from Michelangelo, DaVinci and Raphael to Renoir, Monet and Modigliani. So of course I admired them and their technique and wanted to paint like them and when I couldn’t, I thought, “Forget it, I’ll stick to pencil and paper.” 




But about five years ago, out of the blue, I decided I’d paint a picture. I had a large 60×36 canvas laying around in my house. I dusted it off, bought some cheap black and white acrylic paint, and just started painting without thinking. That was the best thing I could’ve ever done. Within two days of painting 6-8 hours straight a day I finished Two Faced. A grayscale painting based off a picture of my face at the time- It doesn’t really look like me though. Actually none of the women I paint resemble anyone in particular- they are universal, they can be anyone.




After that first painting I pretty much had a grasp of what my style was. I never planned it, it just happened, and that’s how I know its natural, that it comes only from me and that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. The inspiration for my work comes from what I know and what I love; the color grey and the female figure. I paint only in shades of grey, because I believe its the most beautiful color. Recently I’ve started incorporating tints of blue and brown, but I think that’s as far as I’ll take it. And I paint only women, because a woman’s figure is the most simple, complex and pure thing in the world. Until I see something that tops that, I don’t think I’ll want to paint anything else.


Someone once called my paintings Psychedelic Sexy. I think that’s the perfect description of my work! Everything I paint needs to flow and needs to feel organic.  A man once asked me how I made the shapes I made- he wanted me to tell him the thought behind every curve of the brush. I was like, “I dunno!” He didn’t really care for that answer-I didn’t really care for him. But that’s the thing, I literally don’t think when I paint, I let my subconscious do all the work. The more I think, the stiffer my hand gets, and the more my work looks contrived, and I’m so not about that.




Over the years my style has stayed the same, but has definitely evolved. I’ve recently started to further deconstruct the women I paint, by mixing my abstract swirls with even less structured techniques. I’m getting older, I learning more, I’m letting go of things and my paintings represent all of that, as they should. Every woman I paint has a part of me, every piece is striving to tell you something.






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