Photos: Sandra Arena
“Cipriana started her career in New York City as a model where she was told time and time again to succeed commercially she would have to tame her natural hair. It felt wrong, like the industry was attacking the women that she found most beautiful; her mother and identical twin sister, TK Quann (aka TK Wonder)both whom always taught Cipriana to invest in her inner beauty and not her outer appearance. In our conversation she shares her journey with us, from quitting modeling to Co-founding Urban Bush Babes, since then the community has soared to hundreds of thousands of weekly readers. Cipriana acts as Editor in Chief and the lifestyle website has become the definitive source for natural hair, it also covers fashion, beauty, health, music, arts & culture and features tons of interviews. The overarching message is clear, Urban Bush Babes exist to ‘highlight the lives of women of color, knock down traditional standards of beauty and celebrate our imperfections as perfections’ “ -Lily Kwong
image I had a really interesting and poignant discussion about diversifying the fashion/beauty industry, my journey and own personal struggles with Host, Lily Kwong, of podcast show, “Ask Them More” on iTunes. To listen to the conversation in its entirety scroll below.