I am in love with the beach! My boy friend, son, and I are all beach bums! I’m talking swimming, surfing—> (insert boyfriend), snorkeling, diving, you name it! So with all these water activities my hair has to get wet. I get terribly down when I am not able to enjoy that beautiful thing that happens when your body meets the sea, so this is necessary for me. My dream is to reside near a beach and have a pool in my back yard one day as well…sigh…. That being said, I am on a quest to find things that will protect my hair from sun, salt water, and chlorine.  I will be heading to Florida next month, which means the beach+pool= hair is getting wet & lots of sun.

Here are somethings you can do:

-Wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner before you head into the water, this will coat the hair giving it some protection.

- Use oils such as Vatika oil or Sesame oil that act as UV protectors on your strands. I suggest to make a spritz using distilled water , one of these oils, aloe gel and lightly spritz your hair.

-You can wear a hat to protect strands from the sun.

-Wear your hair in protective hair styles such as braids or two strand twists. This will prevent tangles that can happen when your hair gets wet.

-You should wash your hair immediately with a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates. Its the only way to get out the salts, minerals, and chlorine out of your hair.

- After a day at the beach or even the pool, deep condition your hair after you wash it. This will put moisture back into the hair. I like to use coconut milk and leave it in for 30-60 minutes with a plastic cap. You can also mix the coconut milk with you favorite leave-in conditioner so it won’t be so runny and drippy.

- And FYI swim caps have never worked for me, my hair gets just as soaked as me going under water without one.

*** Your gonna want to lay off of the oils for the pool though, unless its a small amount. You don’t want to put grease in the pool…lol.


Do you love the beach, swimming, or other water activities? How do you protect your hair from the sun and salt water/chlorine?