Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Late 2011, Lyricist/Singer/Songwriter TK Wonder and Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Kissey Asplund officially announced their collaboration of their 2012 album entitled Heartfukk. Well 2012 is upon us and we are excited to share a behind the scenes, sneak peak of this dynamic duo’s music video, for their first single ‘Get Down and Dirty’ which will be released this later this week. Pulling double duty for their first single, Wonder dubs the role as Songwriter/Lyricist while Asplund is on music/production giving birth to track ‘Get Down and Dirty’ and it does just that!

‘Get Down and Dirty’ makes anyone think twice in underestimating or taking an individual’s kindness for weakness and speaking of weakness there is little to be spared here, spouting catching lyrics of “You wanna F round turn around/ talkin trash like I’m some clown/ don’t think that I will get down and dirty/ know I hear your chest pound/don’t back down/Start it you finish now/ Didn’t think I would get down and dirty” over top of an insanely contagious beat and production this track will have you on your feet while relaying the message I am not the one to fukk with.

Stay tuned this week when ‘Get Down and Dirty’ music video will showcase on UrbanBushBabes.




Behind the Scenes of ‘Get Down & Dirty’



Photo courtesy of Kissey’s Amazing Diary Petrolfist
Photo by Pelle Lannefors

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Photo by Paul DeRoos

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