Via Essence Believe in Yourself and Your Plan by Paul C. Brunson. I always believe God has a plan, but that we must plan as well and have goals we set and reach for. My brother did a great job of breaking it down in this article! And what a testimony it is! I have been blessed to watch it unfold!!!

Growing up, many people told me, “Paul, one day you’re going to be on Oprah’s daytime talk show. One day, you’re going to sit on that famous couch.” I heard this so many times. I truly believed it with all of my heart. I became obsessed with “getting on Oprah’s couch.” Then, a year before Oprah’s final season, I saw that time was running out and the window was closing. I wasn’t going to be interviewed by the Queen of talk after all, I realized.

Now, let me show you how God works: Last week, Oprah visited me at my office in Kingsland, GA. She sat on “my” couch and I interviewed her. Of course, this is all for our upcoming LoveTown USA show, premiering on the OWN network this summer, but the point is, God’s plan for us is greater than we can imagine. Our job is to believe it!

That said, believing in ourselves and our plan is not easy. If you’re having a hard time believing in your greater purpose, here are nine ways to help:

Identify Your Values

What do you live for? It’s hard to know where you’re going unless you know who you are. Identify and prioritize your values. It’ll be clearer to you what you need in life (and therefore, what’s most important) opposed to what you simply want.

Be Bold

It’s important to realize that no one has ever fallen while stepping out on faith. I think about this single point daily.

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