I juice every morning and take Biotin daily along with a plethora of other supplements. Now because of all the stuff I take, I cannot pin point to you whether or not taking Biotin has made a tremendous difference in my body, but I believe it has helped.

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin and is sometimes referred to as vitamin H or B7. B-complex vitamins play an active role in metabolism, the synthesis of fats, cell growth, and regulation of blood glucose levels . In other words, Biotin and other B-complex vitamins help your body to process energy and help carry carbon dioxide throughout the body.

Foods rich in Biotin are, egg yolk, butter, cheese, kidney & liver meats, cauliflower, nuts, Brewer’s yeast, legumes, and sardines. Biotin is naturally produced in the intestine.

Benefits of Biotin are primarily to treat Biotin deficiency. Signs of deficiency in Biotin are thin hair, balding, brittle nails, depression, numbness of extremities (fingers & toes), muscle pain, insomnia, dry, scaly skin, fatigue and lethargy.

Benefits of Biotin are:

* Helps stimulate new hair and nail growth
* Healthier skin
* When you have proper Biotin levels in your body you process foods quickly (faster metabolism)
* Helps the breakdown of carbohydrates within the body which in turn helps keep blood sugar levels at healthy levels

You can purchase Biotin at any store that sells vitamins such as Target, Walgreen’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, online, etc…