Click Read More/ Comment for additional pictures. Meet Tiffany Nicole and Danielle Elise of Betty & Boys an online Consignment/thrift store that is not only chic, classic and affordable but caters to everyone since the store is unisex as well. Betty & Boys launches today so the holiday will give you a perfect excuse to check them out. Below is a personal statement from the beautiful dynamic duo and founders.

“Bettys & Boys is a unisex online Vintage and Consignment/Thrift shop created by Tiffany Nicole and Danielle Elise. Two fashion school students who decided to take their passion and inspiration and turn it into a brand. We pick each and every item with the utmost selectivity to ensure an amazing and unique pick. Our goal is to cater to each client’s individual style, offering a wide range of clothing from sexy simple/classic to eclectic and outrageous. There is definitely something for everyone!”

Sincere Gratitude,

Tiffany Nicole & Danielle Elise

Betty’s & Boys”

Photographer of all of Betty and Boy’s Looks Marli Washington

Visit to shop all looks.

You also can find more of Betty & Boys and of Tiffany Nicole and Danielle Elise here: