Click ‘Read More + Comment’ for additional pictures. I remember the first time I heard the beautiful funk, rock and soul singer Betty Davis sing “They say I’m different cause I’m a piece of sugar cane /Sweet to the core that’s why I got rhythm/My great grandma didn’t like the foxtrot/Nah instead she’d spit her snuff and boogie to Elmore James” (you can check out the song here) when I was just a little youngin, I didn’t know what the foxtrot was but I sure knew who the “king of slide guitar” Elmore James was. This is the music my parents loved, so naturally I was heavily influenced by this era.


The reason why Betty Davis stayed ingrained as one of my most influential inspirations is because of her difference and the fact that she used and flaunted this as an advantage, from her voice, style and strong character this woman oozed inspiration and so much of it that Miles Davis one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, jazz musician and composer was effected by the force of Betty and in return Mile’s (and ex-husband of Betty Davis) future work was heavily and largely influenced by this hold no bars woman and for heaven’s sake people let me not forget the hair.  Betty Davis is a blast from the past of inspiration that has heavily transpired into one of my present influences till this day.


The Signature Betty Davis Kick

The Beauty

The Hair

The presence

The moves (and the legs!)

The electric charisma

The Style

Power Couple: Betty Davis and the Legendary Miles Davis


Urban Bush Babe of Past & Present

Any fellow Betty Davis Lovers?