This is a big chop of different proportions. It has been three months since we last talked to the beautiful and talented singer, songwriter, dancer and mother iShe in which she revealed all the details on her hair regimen for long hair during her Urban Bush Babe interview which can be seen in its entirety here: Now stay with me as iShe Hollins discusses the reasons for her big chop, changes in her regimen, what she loves about her new cut and more. iShe shows us when it comes to our hair the big chop is not strictly for transitioning but for inspiration as well.

What or who inspired you to cut your hair?

I had quite a few inspirations for chopping off more than 1/2 of my hair … #1 this heat lol! … it’s HOT & I was so over my hair being all down my back. #2 I was getting ready to shoot a new video & I wanted to reveal a new dew. But even more than that, I started feeling like other people were getting too attached to seeing my hair a certain way (long, big & bushy) & placing a value on it because of its length … & I was over that too. 

Was the cut spontaneous or planned?

I daydreamed about cutting it for a few wks before I actually did. I remember telling my sisters that I was “thinking” about cutting my hair …  then I just went into the bathroom & went straight “Edward Scissor Hands” lol … so I guess it was ”pre meditated spontaneity” :)

Has your hair regimen changed since you big chop?

My regimen is still the same wash/condition every 2 weeks. But I use a lot less product now because of its shorter length. 

Is there anything such as a product or hair tool you have ditched now your hair is shorter?

Yes! … bye, bye blow dryer! Praise God~ Alhamdulillah~ Hare Krishna & Hallelujah!!! I have so much more time now lol … No joke it used to take me no less than 2 hours just to blow dry my hair. Feels so good just letting my hair “do what it do” 

Have you noticed a change in your hair whether it be health or maintenance since your hair transformation?

Yes It’s extremely healthy because of very little spit ends, & It’s extra thick because I’m no longer using a blow dryer.

What do you love about your new cut?

I love how healthy it feels. I’m a low maintenance kinda’ gal … i like “effortless flyness” & it’s just less work! 

Has your cut affected your style, fashion wise in any way?

Hmm yes a little bit. When my hair was long I felt like it overpowered certain looks. Some pieces would just get “lost in my hair” so now I’m just having fun playing with accessories.

What would you say to others who are inspired but may be afraid to cut their hair?

“Fear is not your friend” … Conquer that fear & cut it off lol … It’ll grow back :) 

What have you been up to since your Urban Bush Babe Interview?

I’ve been very busy since my last Urban Bush Babe Interview: My album the “iSHE+HEZEKiAH PROJECT” is now available on iTUNES, Band Camp, Amazon & CD Baby! I’m hitting the road for an east coast tour Aug 24th ~ Sept 4th! To find out when I’m in your city hit me on twitter:!/iSHETHAiSH 

Enjoy this FREE download:–-otis-part-2-new-music/ & last but not least support iNDiE ARTiSTS :)

URBAN BUSH BABE 4 LiFE = iSHE’ luv+light!