Click ‘Read More + Comment’ to view the full documentary. An avid fan and writer of poetry, I have always felt if poetry could be expressed physically, in everlasting constant motion then surfing would be the perfect representation, the board acting as the pen while the ocean illustrates the words, therefore surfing is an endeavor that I have always been fascinated by, but to be honest surfing worldwide much like hockey, tennis and golf is not thought of as multicultural sport, which only proves the lack of representation through media forums of the existence of black surfers. In fact black surfing is such a far-fetched concept for many regardless of race it could seem as if the idea alone is mythology, of obscure proportions! Well documentary ‘White Wash‘ quickly dispels this ridiculous myth.


Written/Directed by Ted Woods and narrated by Grammy Award winners Ben Harper and Tariq Trotter (aka Black Thought of The Roots), White Wash explores the intricacies of identity and race in the surfing community, personal struggles and successes, the colonization of Hawaii, history of slavery, the effects of the civil rights moment and segregated Jim Crow law which excluded blacks from the beach, pool and swimming culture in its entirety. The film also Includes exclusive interviews with some of the surfing world’s top elite such as Rob Machado, winner of the prestigious Triple Crown and Kelly Slater, 11 time ASP World Champion.


Like love surfing is not bind by color, White Wash transcends the barrier of the perpetuated stereotype and brings a norm to not only the reality of black surfers but to be known unequivocally as a surfer.


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White Wash