What are the three biggest factors you attribute to your length?

To be honest, when I don’t pay any attention to my hair it grows. I don’t wash it frequently or change styles that often. I’m patiently waiting for my hair to reach my goal length, once it does them I might do something drastic… maybe locs or I’ll chop it all off. It’s hair. It will grow back.


What is your usual go to style?

I live in my double strand twist!! It’s a simple style that can be multiplied, I usually wear them for weeks; or until it’s too frizzy. Then I take them out, and wear it out for another week or so.



What is your nighttime routine?

For the most part absolutely nothing, I’m usually too tired to think about my hair and I just want to hit the sack. But if the mood strikes me (or I notice that my hair is getting dry); I mist my hair, then I add oil (my favs are avocado and coconut oil) and/or moisturizer. And I must must must must sleep with my silk scarf. I will not go to sleep until I find it! I have been known for tearing up my house for my scarf… I should buy a few, but I love the one I use!


Your top three favorite products and why?

My favorite all time product is all natural African Shea butter ( the white one), I feel in love with Shea one day when I ran out of hair products, and I thought “Well, it’s good enough for my body, it must be good enough for my hair.” And to my pleasant surprise, it has done my hair justice. I have recently began to make Shea Butter mixtures using a variety of oils. I am still working on which oils my hair responds too. I found out that my hair doesn’t like castor oil, though it make my hair grow like wild fire, it breaks at the same time (kinda counterproductive). Coconut Oil is another one of my favorites. It gives my hair a nice sheen and my hair can’t drink enough of it. Benoite Indian Clay Mask is by far my favorite deep cleanse treatment, it pulls all of the crap out of my hair and scalp, and leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean. ( a quick note, you will want to deep condition your hair after wards) I only do it once in a blue moon since it’s so strong and very messy.



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