Well I am about to do the unimaginable and as you can tell from the title I bet you know where this is going.

I have been exactly 5 years and 4 months natural and my 4b-c strands are now reaching hip level (Yes hip level. The length actually shocked the bejeezus out of me) when completely stretched. The only dilemma is visually you cannot tell my true length, because I experience some hella crazy shrinkage, about 70%. Since I experience insane percentages of shrinkage I have been receiving requests on showing the actual length of my hair, and yes, the request are simple enough such as a blowout or using heat, but in my book it is so taboo it might as well be like seeing pigs fly, it ain’t going to happen but…

There might be a pig or two in the air. As a special request to our UBB fam your wish is my command. Out of the 3 options below which one do you want to see the most?

A) Braidout: Obviously my favorite since it involves not heat, lol.

B) Blowout: I will be using a ceramic blow dryer. The negative ion technology of the ceramic materials, provide maximum heat protection to the hair while keeping your strands hydrated protecting the natural moisture of the hair. Combined with the low setting and cool air option, this will eat up more time but this is miniscule compared to the ultimate result which is the protection.

C) Flatiron: I of course will be using a heat protectant and using the lowest heat setting as possible. Meaning I have a flatiron/curling iron that has a setting of 1-25…I use setting 1. Yes it takes forever but you know what I will take forever over heat damage.

Now the decision is up to you! I have been heat free for over 2 years so the option of me using heat is only going to happen once in a lifetime…or at least not until another 2 years.