Ok, so…Francheska of the awesome blog HeyFranHey raved about this leave-in Moisture Butter by Camille Rose :). Like a fiend I quickly went to Mynaturalhairstore.com and purchased! It couldn’t get to my house fast enough! It finally arrived, and can you believe they sent me the wrong dang product! They sent me their Algae Deep Conditioning Mask! Not fretting, I wrote them about the little mishap and they ended up sending me the Moisture Butter I originally purchased. Good news for me was that I got to try this deep conditioning mask for free; and boy did my hair need it because I had ran out of deep conditioner. So this review is on a happy accident. This stuff is the friggin ish!!!! I wet my dirty hair and applied it all over using my martian heating cap for 30 minutes. As I began to rinse it out, my hair was super soft and it helped melt away my tangled mess of hair. Now you know, if I product has slip and I can cut my detangling time down, it’s a keeper! After my hair dried completely I noticed my curls were so plump and full of moisture. My spiral curls were a bit tighter and springy. The shine and softness my hair had was amazing! The moisture held for about 4 days! I recommend this deep treatment mask for sure and it’s now a staple of mine! It does contain wheat protein, so I don’t recommend using it every week because you don’t want to give your hair protein overload! I will be doing a review on their Moisture Butter soon! The ingredients along with some info from the site are below:

This vitamin packed treatment is designed to stop breakage, strengthen hair fibers and promote growth! Blue green algae is composed of 50 to 71% Protein along with all the major Amino Acids. Our special formula is combined with  vitamins that are  excellent for cell growth and very beneficial to the hair as well as the scalp. It can also be used as a Pre-shampoo conditioning treatment.
Ingredients: aloe vera juice, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter,jojoba oil, rose hip, green tea,blue green algae, panthenol, msm,and biotin.
BENEFITS: Decrease breakage, shedding and thinning hair. Restore moisture, strengthen fibers and promotes growth!
It can be purchased here –> Algae Deep Conditioning Mask