Below is my hairstory:
Well this has been a minute in the making! I was going to document my blissful layover in Transition land last year which started off as optimistic, motivated, carefree and & oh-so inspired. Perusing the gorgeous Fotki pages of kinky-curly beauties, MySelf said: “Hey, we got this!” But suddenly, my kinks rode in on dry wave of reality! Even tumbleweeds would throw beverages at my moptop of tangles and dry knots like the New Directions kids on “Glee”! 

Ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad.

For months, I dutifully soaked up tips, facts, products and such like a sponge & all was alright in the natural-uverse & routine central….at first. Unfortunately after a minute & a half of transitioning, my crown of glory didn’t feel like playing nice anymore. Can you believe she actually wanted to box?! You know how even the cutest kids hit a certain age where adults compliment them on their clothes (or worse belongings) rather than anoint them as beautiful? Well, my hair looked like a regretful yearbook picture after five months. Didn’t even look like my head anymore. I started stalking the beauty supply store in hopes of finding any relaxer I could to put this misbehavin’ mane in time out! (Not a shining moment; I hold my head in shame).

As a dancer who spends an obscene amount of time in the public eye, I have to always keep my hair looking it’s best. And in spite of all my efforts, I STILL ended up with a frizzy whatchamadoodle on top of my head until I learned how to slap some water and moisturizer on it generously. It wasn’t even until month nine that I finally achieved a slick bun, hallelujah!!!! (Excuse me for one second while I shout. Insert your own music here.) Keep in mind I have now grown the nerve post BC to rock my curls/coils in the ornery Texas heat while dancing/working up a sweat. The bigger it gets, the more I fall in love. Swoon…..

I transitioned for the long haul, finally throwing my straight ends the peace sign after 17 months because everyone thought my hair was already natural, lol! And now, almost all of my dancers (Ordered Steps Productions) are natural or transitioning, too! Rockin’ ruff & stuff with our curly puffs, aye!

So I’m sitting at three months 100 percent au naturale – and I LOVE it! Did I want a second date after my BC? Uummmm…NO. I almost tattooed “What did I just do?” across my forehead when my curly hubby gave my frizz & frack the side eye. In silence. BUT I’ve learned to manage it (detangling – a breeze), keep it moisturized, haven’t touched it with heat in a year, & trying new things until I find my oasis. But I know I’m headed in the right direction because Hubbs said he couldn’t see in the car past my fro, lol! I’m very tightly coiled, and have learned to love the little darlings. Shrinkage, however, still gets the eye roll from me but maybe I’ll get used to that too.

And why did I go natural in the first place? I ALWAYS swooned over natural hair…but never knew I could have my own crowning glory. And to think I wore a jheri curl!

Be Blessed!

candice ~ naturaldancer

YOUTube: dancegrl7 (Ordered Steps Productions Dance Company)