Click Read More/Comment for more pictures. I finally found my ‘perfect vintage, affordable, oversized, oatmeal color wool cardigan’ (say that five times fast) a few weeks ago via eBay well actually let me rewind because what actually happened is my boyfriend found it, made the bid and won. When the cardigan arrived last week, I was going on and on of how much I loved it almost to the point of praising (or nagging) that he finally gave in and handed it over. He said who was he to stand in the way of my happiness which I was forever in return grateful for because my next move was to borrow it to the point of no return. If you are interested in finding vintage, affordable and quality wool cardigans eBay will be your best bet, especially in the men’s section. This vintage 70’s Pendleton wool cardigan was only 30.00USD including shipping now on the other hand my Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots were a far cry from a bargain at 159.99USD but worth every  penny!!!

The Jeffrey Campbell Litas were definitely not an impulse buy especially because of the price tag. I had actually been looking at these babies for quite some time now, meaning over a year and was contemplating in getting them for one major factor “the clown shoe” effect. Ladies I have big feet, size 10 so when shoes start forming into very large platforms I have the high risk of looking like the “Fly Guy” pimp in a particular scene in one of my favorite movies ‘I’m Going to Get You Sucka’ written and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. If you don’t know what I am talking about then click here Warning, be prepared to laugh till you pass out! So as I was saying… ahhhhh yes “the clown shoe” effect. This was the biggest factor in why I had not invested in these shoes but after over 750 five star reviews on and an even surefire review from my twin sister who assured the absence of “the clown shoe” effect, I took the plunge and raked up the dead presidents for these babies and WOW, I’m sure glad I did. Now I know the Litas are not everyone’s cup of tea but they are extremely versatile and the comfort on these shoes is something that is hard to describe without shedding a tear of pure joy. Let’s just say they are hands down one of the most comfortable platform heels I own but then again it’s not magic, with a five inch heel and 2 inch platform this makes the heel only 3 inches, which explains the extreme comfort for hours upon hours. Like the Energizer Bunny the comfortableness of these shoes “keep going and going and going”!  Now if you have a larger foot don’t be alarmed because when you pull them out of the box they do look like they belong on an Avatar but once you slip them on that appearance quickly vanishes in the wind.  :)

Vintage Men’s Oatmeal Cardigan Sweater: Pendleton from eBay; 30.00USD

Thrifted Thin Knit Top: Sparkle & Fade from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn or you can find additional Sparkle & Fade items at Urban Outfitters; 9.00USD from Beacon’s Closet.

Stonewashed Grey skinny Jeans: Just USA jeans; 30.00 USD

Vintage Brown Leather Bucket bag: No Relations Vintage in Manhattan; 10.00 USD

Leather Platform Booties in Distressed Khaki (wood heel): Jeffrey Campbell; 159.99USD. Solestruck is currently sold out of this color but they have many other colors available. If they are out of stock or can’t find your size, check back because they do restock. Click here to view the black distressed leather

Final Look

Preview look next week on UBB: 60’s style