Head Fashion Stylist and on air-expert for Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Chief Handbag & Accessories stylist for Shoedazzle.com , Anya Sarre shares a few of her personal style tips with Urban Bush Babes on confidence, classic clothes versus current trends, accessories and more!


Using Fashion to Find a New You

When you embrace your self-confidence, your priorities are in the right place. Fashion is power, and stylish shoes are the foundation of a superlative outfit. Every woman should have a variety of key wardrobe items that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect summer look! A flirty dress, vintage inspired jewelry, or a great pair of  women’s shoes can transform an outfit and portray a lot of trendy looks!

It Is Time


Don’t be afraid of heels this summer! It is time to get a good pair of shoes—you cant go wrong with a reliable, comfortable pair that will match a variety of outfits. When your feet feel and look good, you look and feel good about yourself, and everything else will fall into place. This summer, be sure to incorporate a wedge heel into your wardrobe. This conformable shoe is a better alternative than your go to flip flop and can jazz up any outfit! Pair a glittery sling back wedged heel with a pair of cropped pants and a bold colored silk top for the perfect cool summer look.

You are a beautiful woman, and you should dress like you mean to be admired. Classic clothes are more fashionable than any current trend and classic pieces in your wardrobe can be paired with just about anything!  If you are comfortable and confident in your own skin and in your trendy outfit, you will go places and you will be noticed! Be chic this summer and embrace your stylistic choices.


You Are What You Wear

Don’t neglect accessories this summer.  Add a little sparkle as an accent with a studded belt, chunky bracelet, or drop pendant necklace. Be flamboyant and dare to be bold, because wearing accessories is the key to a head to toe styled look! You can be flirty and fun without breaking the bank this summer with an array of great accent piece finds. From handbags to heels, strut your stuff this summer.

When the outside matches the inside, everything is good. Dress the way you want to be seen and dress the way you see yourself.  No matter where you shop, no matter what you can afford, dress the way you feel comfortable and confident.  When you are beautiful, there is no arguing about the facts. Dress to impress from the top down, from the inside to the outside.