Click ‘Read More + Comment’ to sign the Petition. Past Memorial Day weekend my long-time boyfriend and his twin brother were brutally attacked simultaneously by 11 men, as they were innocently trying to make their way home. One of the victims is my boyfriend who garnered the brunt of the vicious attack.  (Sign Petition Below)


It is traumatic enough for two men to be viciously attacked by 11 men and one of the victims seriously injured then to be denied help by the one institution that is suppose to provide it, The NYPD. Extreme negligence and police misconduct has occurred in what is a now a reopened case by not collecting valuable evidence immediately after the assault. A case which has just recently been classified as a Hate Crime as eyewitness(es) have come forward and stated that racial slurs were shouted at the victims. We all are devastated not only by this tragedy but the steps myself, my family and the victim’s family had to take to get this case REOPENED! What is also disturbing are the numerous readers and supporters who I have heard from who have accounted similar treatment by the NYPD in the follow-up and/ or investigation of crimes committed. This realization is quite disturbing and a change needs to happen immediately before another family reaches out due to a death from the result of misconduct in the NYPD’s system. Again, I am not crucifying the entire NYPD department but there are parts of the department that need to be seriously addressed. Please help me to make a change! I need your continued support! To sign my petition at  here

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He is doing much better but I need to show the severity of his attack and hoping this will make a change in some way to a very flawed system.  My boyfriend and his brother send much love to all of you and appreciate your support! Sign here


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Thank you and much love,