Just recently as in this morning I was responding to comments on YouTube when I noticed the video: “Cipriana takes down her 150 waist long twists” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whbtwy2j7NY which was uploaded on YouTube this past friday had a link attached right below the video from a site well actually a forum called Lipstick Alley. I was curious to see the link that was attached to our video so I clicked this link http://www.lipstickalley.com/f38/cipriana-finally-takes-down-her-hair-334090/ and was pretty much served with not one but two pages of straight up negativity for the most part. Comments ranged from:

  • I don’t get it… Why have all of that hair and just wear it piled on top of your head like a crooked turban and not do anything with it? It’s not even in any kind of style; it just sits there. I can only imagine how heavy it is too.
  • Alrighty. Let me know when she decides to comb that mofo and make it look like suttin, looks like it would look wonderful when she does.
  • Cipriana and her monthly hair washes are a HOT ASS MESS!
  • I think her hair is ugly.
  • I would never want that much hair if I can’t do anything with it

Now this could be a retribution post in me expressing negativity towards those comments in return but that would take a certain type of energy that I do not care to be a part of and I know you may be thinking why am I even giving this negativity the time of day but I feel it is important to show no matter how much love and support you will receive and this could be related to anything in your life there is always someone out there who will express the exact opposite. I also felt it was important to showcase these comments as a woman with naturally kinky textured hair representing the love and confidence in the state of her hair to show others who are perhaps fearful of wearing their natural hair because of the ignorance of others to really take these type of negative comments with a grain of salt! Hell forget the salt this negativity doesn’t even deserve a grain. Love and support of others is really the foundation for creating the type of mental training within oneself to appreciate the beauty in a person even if their style is not your cup of tea. Now I am not saying you cannot absolutely dislike something but there is a manner in which you can exude your dismay for example just a few days ago I saw a young woman walking down the block sporting a blue & yellow weave now it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea but I thought damn that girl is rockin the hell out of her confidence and she looked good doing it! I really feel in this day in age it is time for us to step up and lift instead of repress and in sharing this UrbanBushBabe journey with you I really feel all of you are the shining example of what it truly means to be a beautiful woman of confidence and because of the confidence you have within yourself negativity is an afterthought because you cannot truly love others and more importantly yourself with constant hate in your heart. “True” confidence is the core of who you are after all the definition of confidence is: “a feeling or consciousness of one’s power or of reliance on one’s circumstances; faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way. So let’s break this down. a feeling or consciousness of one’s power or of reliance on one’s circumstances”: this is a powerful definition because to be “conscious” of that power this leaves no room for hate because hate by definition means “to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest” and no one I mean on one on this planet can be fully aware or “conscious” of their own power if they are “intensely or passionately averted” by their own dislike or hostility towards something  or someone else. “Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way”: applies not only to others but to yourself as well because the only person you can 100% control is you!  Also let me note confidence can come in many faucets and not everyone who is not confident within translates that lack of into hate towards others. No one is perfect and to say I feel confident 100% of the time in everything  whether it is something I want to achieve or myself  would be a lie but at least I am aware and that awareness comes from loving myself and in return loving others instead of hate.

Granted there were a few on the Lipstick Alley that voiced their positivity and I thank them so much for that they were amazing but for the remainder that were so eager to express their negativity there was really only one thing I could and felt a need to do and that was………

Laugh :)

Words can be very powerful but it is only you that gives them the power they need to affect you!