Photo via: Diego Villarreal


After keeping the news under wraps I am so ECSTATIC to announce my twin sister TK Quann (aka TK Wonder) and I will be joining the Steve Harvey‘s two time Emmy award-winning national TV talk show on NBC, for their new style segment, as we share DIY/tips on fashion. The segment will air this Monday June 15th as we style 3 sets of twins, discussing and showing exactly how fashion does not always have to break the bank (with a new twist).


Also for those of you who are curious to how Steve Harvey is in person…well exactly how he comes off on camera, charming and a type of comedic talent that is impossible to compare. He genuinely cares about his viewers and was engaging with his audience even when we were not filming. It is really quite difficult to keep any serious disposition in his presence, due to the constant fits of laughter. You can truly see why he is loved by so many.


Thank you so much to the Steve Harvey family we are so honored to be a part of the show! Make sure to check your local listings on NBC, Monday June 15th.


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