If you could see me right now then you just might catch me dancing. Why? Well I was chosen by Vogue.com as one of the 10 best dressed Bloggers of the year. Yes, I am shamelessly excited beyond verbal description!


Staying true to style in the picture featured on Vogue.com below, everything I am wearing is vintage. The dress is my Mother’s and the boots are one of the first ankle boots I ever purchased so they are around 15 years old, the wear you see on the toe of the shoe is completely natural like my hair, lol.


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I think one of the reason’s why I was so flattered besides being chosen by the biggest fashion powerhouse in the industry, but to be chosen from a standpoint in truly believing style is not defined by labels, trends or how much something cost but by a style that truly represents the individual not defined by other’s expectations.


You have the option to vote for your favorite best dressed Blogger of the year. I am course representing the natural hair ladies! View the complete list of the other incredible Bloggers and to vote for me –> here (Select look #10, then click on “Vote for This Look” banner located on my picture)


“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent


Thank you to Vogue.com


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