“The concept was to show the whole creative process of a photo/video shoot. We wanted a platform to show people all of work we put into each collaboration from the mood board to the final photos. I felt like It was very important to showcase Quinn’s role in our shoots. A lot of people don’t know what an Art Director is unless their in the industry. It’s about sharing and informing, kind of pulling back the curtain on how we come up with our ideas as well as how we execute them.” -Q+A


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via: Q+A

Written by: Q+A Creative Director; Quinn Wilson

Photos: Q+A Photographer; Asha Maura


About four years ago I (Q) decided to give my overly treated, damaged and dry hair a break. I put down my hair straightener, took a break from punishing my kinky kanky curls with toxic relaxers and damaging treatments, and I took the plunge into a world of natural hair. I guess, looking back, I didn’t do it to intentionally make a statement or stir the proverbial pot, I was just tired of trying to hide my natural beauty (okay & maybe I was going broke from all the “taming” treatmentsIn the end, I was surprised at how a lot of my close friends reacted to the whole thing and how it genuinely alarmed my grandmother, who was used to and preferred seeing my hair straight and “controlled”. With all of this discussion going on about something very personal to me (that I didn’t even I know was that fucking personal) I ended up finding a ton of solace in an online-community dedicated to this exact struggle. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to Cipriana Quann, the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of natural hair and beauty site Urban Bush Babes. Cipriana has been inspiring women around the world to embrace, nourish, and respect the natural curls on their head and I’m thankful to be one of those women.


*Photographer Inspiration


Cipriana and her partner at Urban Bush Babes; Nikisha, have had a tremendous year and we are so excited for them here at Q+A. Cipriana was featured in a mini documentary by Vogue (watch it here!) along with crowning her natural locks as their Best Dressed Blogger of 2013. No surprise to us; Cipriana is definitely the queen of street style and we are always inspired by her true individuality, which is why we were very excited when she agreed to be featured on Q+A.


Because Cipriana has…to read the complete article, including more photos and the inspiration behind this shoot click here.


*Photos of Quinn Wilson and Asha Maura by Brad Ogbonna