I used coconut oil in my hair to seal my ends last weekend when I washed it and it seemed alright but the next day leading into the days after that, I noticed my hair was very dry and brittle especially on the ends. I did some research as to why this might be happening and read this: Coconut oil helps prevent the loss of protein in your hair. Therefore if your hair has enough protein and doesn’t need this extra help of preventing loss then it can cause your hair to be dry, brittle, and break off. “Ah ha!” So if you find that this is happening it is more than likely your hair has enough protein. This also brings me to my next “ah ha” moment.  This is also the reason my hair doesn’t like protein treatments or conditioners and creams with proteins in it. Many like to call it “protein sensitive” but after reading a great article about it, its just better to say ” you just have enough protein in your hair and your hair doesn’t need extra protein”. :) (Side note) As most of you know I usually use vatika oil which contains coconut oil in it to seal my ends and I haven’t noticed any dry hair or breakage. I’m assuming this is because its mixed with other oils and herbs that it doesn’t have the same effect as pure coconut oil.

Has anyone experienced dry, brittle hair from using coconut oil?