This Wednesday I asked the question “If You Could Change One Thing About Your Hair….?” and many of you including myself co-signed on less shrinkage as one those magical hair wishes you could turn into reality from your Hairy Godmother (ooh ya’ll , I was trying to put a spin on Fairy Godmother but it doesn’t quite sound right so I’ll just stick to Fairy Godmother!) Well for some of you your wish may have been granted for your Fairy Godmother has come in the form of London based dramatic writer and illustrator for, Jhana Arnold. Jhana shares a solution that has resulted in much success and perhaps might work for you. Here is her story:

Hi Cipriana,

I hope you are well.

Having read your recent blog on shrinkage, I thought I would write to you and suggest that you use products rich in Vitamin E on your hair to help alleviate shrinkage.

Rice bran oil is wonderfully rich in Vitamin E and not very expensive, so you might like to put some in your hair after, or before washing, or preferably, on a daily basis. A little goes a long way! I bemoan the fact that I only made this discovery a few months ago, but had noticed, in the last two years or so, that when I used organic shampoos and conditioners rich in Vitamin E, my hair did not really shrink that much after washing and air drying. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I experience the most shrinkage when my hair is saturated with water.

You may also like to use Ghanaian black soap,, when washing your hair; that is what I use now – once a week – and it works wonders for me, as it softens and detangles my hair. I purchase my black soap from Akoma Skincare which has its base in the United Kingdom.

After washing my hair, I add shea butter, and or, organic cocoa butter (also from Akoma) to my ebony locks, then twist or braid to dry. Organic cocoa butter also appears to stretch my hair and definitely helps to avert the shrinking process

Now I have found this formula, I intend to adhere to it religiously. Not only is my hair in better condition as a result, but my scalp issues appear to have been eradicated.

Unfortunately, I have never gone to the trouble of identifying my hair pattern. However, when my hair is wet, in transforms into pretty ringlets and as it dries, a process of metamorphosis occurs and my head is finally adorned with a wavy curl pattern.

Once my hair is completely dry, my tightest curls can be found in small reservations above my temples. This is an ‘archaeological oddity’ I have yet to fathom, but the ‘Moi Supposition’ does state that these patches of hair must belong to the ‘Maleus Sideburnicus’ period. I just long for the day when the bonds will be well and truly broken!

Best wishes,

Thank you Jhana for sharing your tips to combat shrinkage and like all suggestions you can take bits and pieces and incorporate them into your regimen to see if it works for you.

What are your methods to temporarily combat shrinkage?