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This is a list of 50 of those people (and a few animals too — this is the Internet), who are having undeniable impact on our online lives. These are the women and men driving what we obsess over both on social media and over drinks IRL with our friends. What they all have in common are staggering numbers of highly obsessed followers and the ability to whip them into a froth with the tap of a share button.

By expertly doling out crumbs from their otherworldly lives, they draw millions into their online vortexes as we tap one photo, and then another, and then another, until we’ve lost ourselves in the bottomless Internet well of their lives.

We invite you to do the same with our list of the 50 most fascinating people on the Internet.


50 Most Fascinating People on the Internet

Warriors: Urban Bush Babes

by: Brooke Shunatona


The first time I saw the Quann sisters, Cipriana and TK, was during New York Fashion Week a couple seasons ago. Photographers swarmed them — a sign that a celebrity or fashion It Girl is in your midst. I couldn’t help but do a double take and wonder, Who are these women?

The New York-based twins are, along with equally gorgeous Austin-based Nikisha Brunson, the women behind the Urban Bush Babes, a lifestyle site that has 350,000 weekly visitors. Since 2011, Cipriana and Nikisha (TK, a musician who goes by TK Wonder, joined in a year and a half ago) have been blogging about music, lifestyle, fashion, art, food, and, most notably, hair.


Here, all three women explain how their hair — a trait they once felt held them back — catapulted them to Internet fame, and how they’ve used it to evolve their brand and become so noteworthy in the beauty blogosphere.


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What was the original goal in starting Urban Bush Babes?
Cipriana: When I cofounded the site with Nikisha, the main concept was to create a platform specifically around women of color. We wanted to create this really supportive, encouraging platform showing women of color in a different light — different from what you might see from mainstream media. We wanted to tear down those labels and encourage women to be themselves, no matter how different or weird it might seem.


How has the Internet helped you build your case for natural hair?
TK: I don’t think that it was ever our intention. Natural hair was about being yourself. There’s nothing wrong about a woman who wears a weave. I really don’t care what a woman chooses to do with her hair, but I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their hair natural, and there was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an afro. It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair.

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