Click Read More/Comment or featured picture for additional pictures. With over 200 natural women in attendance at Stash Lounge in NY on May 17th for Curl Daze, a natural hair celebration, this meetup colored outside lines and felt more like an indoor block party then the normalcy of some natural hair meetups. Cordially invited by the beautiful creators of Around the Way Curls, Antoinette and Shanti as well as the stunning Natasha Betty of Asili Glam, the promise of providing an atmosphere of uniqueness than the usual meetup technicalities amongst all the guests that night, was far than surpassed.

With gift bags and raffle prizes from Karen’s Body Beautiful, Kinky Curly, Jessi Curl, Honey B Creations and Huetiful to name a few, Curl Daze left no room for complaints especially with some of our favorite natural gurus in the house such as Karen Tappin, CEO of Karen’s Body Beautiful, Christina Brown of Love Brown Sugar, Imani of a Tribe Called Curl and Keisha Nicole, creator of Hi-imcurrentlyobessed.

Of course to really recap on the true essence of the night or in laymen terms, what really stole the show was the energy of Curl Daze. With almost every single naturalista grooving to the sounds of Dj Leks, this was not your typical share and trade natural hair advice but as mentioned before more of a celebration for natural hair as well as the woman behind the hair, for you are more than just your hair.



Creators of Around the Way Curls Shanti (L) and Antoinette (R)

Natasha Betty of Asili Glam

(*) – above photo credit with the beautiful creators of Curl Daze.

Christina Brown of Love Brown Sugar

Karen Tappin, CEO of Karen’s Body Beautiful

Creative Director, Rosco of Lip Bar

Imani of a Tribe Called Curl

Keisha Nicole of Hi-imcurrentlyobessed

(*) Marcela Rosado and Luz Velazquez of

(*) My boyfriend attended even though it took tooth and nail to convince him. We actually were at a Magazine Launch event before Curl Daze and he did not want to go to a “Ladies Night Out” event (which I can understand), lol but…

with the promise that this would be the last one he would attend, drinks, great music, amazing ladies all up in the house he had a good time.

Photos by UBB