As many of you now know I have my staples and I stick to them but I definitely can understand and relate from my past, of the hunt of finding that special product that will work its voodoo on your hair. This is why I was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to share an email from Myleik Teele , owner of the successful Marketing and Public Relations, Agency; Art of Facts. Myleik informed of her latest endeavor an innovative, new concept and a product junkie’s idea of heaven called the curlBOX. CurlBOX is an accessible, budget friendly and simple way to discover new hand selected natural hair products straight to your door each month. As a subscriber you will receive 5-7 hair product samples from established and new brands for a monthly fee of less than 25 dollars, which seems like a steal when you can spend the exact amount on one product alone. Also while utilizing the curlBOX if you think you have found your dream product and feel the need to end the search, no worries because you can cancel your subscription at any time! If you love the hunt without the major loss in your bank then CurlBOX may be answer but don’t wait too long, space is limited. Go to for the exclusive VIP invitation. 

*Below is the official message from Myleik Teele.

“I am beyond excited to share my latest endeavor with you! Having been ”natural” for over a decade and nearly two years of being immersed in the “curly/natural hair” business, I discovered a serious need. There are TONS of products on the market and some of the new ones come at a steep price. Our curls are like DNA and no one person uses the exact same thing and the next person (even with the same “curl type”). Some of us use 3 products while others use 10+. Texture Trends reports that “Even after product junkies find that “holy grail” product, 46% of curlies continue to try new products and 59% spend $26 or more on products for their hair.” My solution to this problem is curlBOX and you are the first to know!
curlBOX is an affordable, effortless and EASIER way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly hair products delivered to your doorstep every month.

Every month subscribers receive 5-7 quality hair product samples for a monthly fee (price will be sent with VIP invitation). Cancel anytime.

Subscribers can look forward to extraordinary products from established brands as well as some really great and up and coming brands.

Join. Each box will have extraordinary value. Discovering what’s best for your hair couldn’t be any easier. We have curated incredible boxes and located some of the best products that we KNOW you’re going to love! If for any reason you don’t, cancel anytime.

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