Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Wanted to share a few photos of the CurlyNikki Natural Hair Meetup After Party on Thursday, October 20th held at Pranna restaurant in NY. Unfortunately Nikisha and I were only able to attend the after party because we didn’t find out about the event until 3 days after CurlyNikki announced the natural hair meetup, at the Carlton Hotel sponsored by Mizani Products. Needless to say the event was filled over capacity within a couple of days. As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm but apparently the late bird gets the worm as well because we were blessed to meet the beautiful and lovely Nikki at the afterparty and let me tell you she is just as beautiful,  sweet and sincere as you could ever imagine. After being longtime fans of  this was a very special moment. Hopefully when she plans another natural hair meetup in NY we will have the heads up way in advance, especially after hearing how wonderful the meetup was. Definitely next time!

Lovely ladies of and amazing style blog,

With the fabulous Francheska of the seriously dope site :)