Photos: Delphine Diaw Diallo


I think one the biggest realizations during this ongoing hair journey it is just that … an ongoing journey! I use to be so diligent in sticking with one regimen that worked, but later grasped I would never have grounded a regimen that I am even more content with today, without all of those improvement tweaks (ok, or maybe I should say also stumbled upon a better a regimen since some of my “improvement tweaks” were through happenstance).

A part of my regimen I have tweaked over the years is my nighttime routine, small changes, but differences that have resulted in decreasing tangles tremendously. Continuing the conversation from “The Same Yet Different: The Breakdown of Our Hair“ where I discussed the differences between my identical sister’s hair and my own, below is our current nighttime routine. 
TK Wonder‘s Night Routine:
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1) Massage scalp with Jamaican Black Castor oil

2) Divide braid out into 8 large twists
3) Fold twists fan style into a ball and hold in place with ouch less bands.
4) Wrap my hair in a silk scarf
*three nights a week I moisturize my hair with 100% extra virgin coconut, 100% extra virgin olive and jojoba oil along with a little water.
Disclaimer: Sometimes I’m too darn tired and just pile my hair on top of my head, wrap with a scarf and call it a night!
Cipriana’s Nighttime Routine:
1) Take hair down from updo style and proceed to twist my 150 loose twists into 20 big loose twists (I do not unravel 150 loose twists, just twist into 20 larger ones).  
*Currently I have been religiously wearing my side bun. The band that holds my hair in a ponytail position to create the side bun stays in place. Leaving the band on not only saves time in the morning to create the same style, but keeps the rooted area (which is the area affected the most by tangling) consistently stretched throughout the weeks, since the only time I remove the band is to do a full detangle.
2) Once 20 twists are completed, 20 twists are placed into 3 firm braids. Before braiding will take a nickel size amount of 100% extra virgin coconut oil or my Love Potion #9, (for recipe click here) and lightly saturate my hands before each braid to apply to strands. With applications up to twice a week, I have found my strands retain oil well, as long as I braid my loose twists each night. 
3) Five inches above ends will moisturize with water, then seal with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 
4) Twists ends of the 3 braids around bobby pins similar to thread on a spool and pin up, then wrap hair with a silk scarf. 
DisclaimerDitto! Though I have to admit the nights I am too tired to proceed with my nighttime routine usually means I am not going anywhere the next morning. Believe me shocking people enough with my big updo styles is one thing, I don’t want to frighten them with the dishevelment of my hair as well. 
If you have found a regimen that works then kudos to you! A journey is your own and you define what works, but changes in your regimen does not necessarily mean failure but growth. Don’t be afraid of change, sometimes a stagnant regimen can mean stagnant results.