Nineteen year old Portuguese fashion student, Damara Ingles of style blogspot, ‘Fashion Masturbation’  changes hair color as effortlessly as a new pair of shoes and as fearless as Ingles is in playing with color,  the line is not drawn with just her hair. With a simplistic base style highlighted with bold accents, Ingles turns basics into no ordinary affair. As a self-acclaimed “Fashion Masturbator” don’t let this beauty’s proclamation fool you, Ingles expresses the real meaning behind the name in stating:

“No, you won’t see me masturbating. In my bed, under my sheets, fashion is what I do in the dark. So I relax, it’s supposed to be fun! Take Fashion TV as my porn, Vogue as a Playboy and assume myself as a FASHION MASTURBATOR. Who are you? “

With a bold yet simplistic style it seems the two would contradict each other but with a label of “Fashion Masturbation’, giving the “M” word a whole new meaning,  Damara Ingles seems to transform the mundane into something extraordinary.


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