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Step into a realm called Diamond Foundry where diamonds do not bear the mark of hardships and turmoil caused by human mining. Where diamonds are manmade and in no way is the quality diminished because of it. Where award winning jewelry designers create eco-friendly designer diamond jewelry. No this is not an alternate universe or an episode from Quantum Leap. Diamond Foundry is a sustainable line that is changing the diamond industry in a revolutionary way by eradicating the negative toil of industrially mined diamonds and cultivating small quantities of manmade diamonds without sacrificing quality. You know the exact origin of these diamonds and how they are produced. The beauty of a diamond, whether it be for an engagement or various special occasions, should never be tarnished by the hardships and torment caused by human mining nor the physical and emotional toil.
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Foundry diamonds have natural lineage. At the San Francisco foundry, the process begins by placing a thin slice of diamond into a reactor as hot as the outer layer of the sun. Then atoms are added to grow the crystal along the same exact crystal lattice of an original earth extracted diamond. Atom by atom, layer by layer, it forms a pure, jewelry-grade diamond of gem size. The starting material can then be sliced off and re-used. The beauty of a diamond is not only its cut but its journey. Diamond Foundry ensures it will be a beautiful one in every way.


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Diamond Foundry is re-imagining the diamond industry from “mine to finger” by operating a responsible, honest, and transparent business. The diamond industry has long been associated with human-rights abuses, child labor, ecological destruction and cartel pricing. Diamond Foundry believes it is time to create and offer a better choice. The founding team of M.I.T, Princeton and Stanford engineers previously developed pioneering breakthroughs in solar energy.
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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the many backers of this innovative company and comments, “I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. — reducing the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry by sustainably culturing diamonds without the destructive use of mining.”
We couldn’t agree more! Visit today for more info and see exactly why this is the future of diamonds.
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