This all natural honey lemon mask is great for all skin types including sensitive skin. I have used it twice so far and I am really liking the results! So of course I had to share!

Benefits of the honey lemon mask:
- Clears acne
- Gentle cleansing agent
- Dries out pimple
- Minimizes pore size
- Smooths skin
- Reduces redness and instantly soothes irritation
- Makes skin glow
- Relieves dryness and even flaking
- Honey is a humectant so it hydrates skin
- Brightens skin
- Evens out skin tone ( due to sun damage or blemishes) and helps scarring
- The bacteria cannot live in an environment covered in honey; due to honeys antiseptic qualities


- 1/2 of a real lemon or a few drops of lemon oil (it has the same effect)
- 2 teaspoons of honey (Manuka honey has higher antibacterial properties, but regular honey is fine too).

Squeeze 1/2 of the lemon into a bowl, mix in honey and stir until its like cough syrup. Apply mask to freshly cleansed face, Make sure you don’t exfoliate your skin before adding this mask because the lemon juice can make it sting. Let the mask sit for about 20 minutes, and try not to talk. Rinse off with cold water (helps close pores) and pat dry your face. You can do this every morning or every night. Apply a good moisturizer afterwards. Give it some time to see results. :)