So, I found this cool DIY ( Do It Yourself) stuff via Urban Renewal. Cipriana and I like to do DIY projects when we have the time, and these are some great ideas I know I will definitely try. I always like to take a piece of clothing that I’ve grown tired of and revamp it, that way I can get more wear out of it. Or take something I see in a store and turn it into something cooler!


“I trimmed the top and sleeves off, converting the sleeves into straps for this tank top. The bottom was cut flat in the back and into a u-shape in the front for a front-tie. It seemed like a nice way to make use of the excess material already on the shirt.”


“I wanted to make this into something appropriate for summer so it got the crop-tank treatment. To take care of the supremely huge armpit holes, though, the sides had to be taken in, so I embellished those plackets with a different set of custom buttons.”

“Start with a plain white tee, and lay your favorite tank top on top of it. Trace the armhole and draw a straight line down the side seam half an inch from the edge of the shirt. Cut the shirt out along the lines, as well as the neck band. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the front and back together. Lay some fringe on top of the bottom hem and sew it all the way around the bottom.”