The other day while reading my Facebook feed  I came across an update from a well known natural hair blog, and the post was asking do we (the natural hair community view a high profile celebrity who happens to have  a short cut, as a natural hair  inspiration? And the response automatically went straight to race! The comments made me angry and I just couldn’t understand how this could be! But then it took me back to the Nikki Dior situation on YouTube! A lot of our fair skin sisters feel neglected  in our community. A lot of us feel that if your not in the 4 hair type that your not really a kinky coily  queen which isn’t true at all!  A lot  of women of all races have curly fros so why can’t they be considered natural?

My view is, we all share one thing ,we  are embodying our natural hair! So let’s embrace each other and stop the madness over hair types and race . We have enough battles being strong independent women in the world today, lets not cloud our minds with mess. Instead lets share tips and advice and keep our community united!

Does race, the color of one’s skin, or a certain hair texture determine if your natural or not?

Written by soulyKc

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