Why do you think people sometimes stereotype naturals in assuming they are wild, bad or should I just get to the point…down for all the kinky escapades? As a natural I have been stereotyped quite a bit on appearance but sometimes the assumptions can lead to categorizing me as a bad girl and by bad I mean like “where is the closest S&M club”… the closest WHAT??? Let me calm down ladies because I’m sure they meant the closest M&M candy store! Just because I where my hair in some funky crazy styles does not mean I am down for some funky craziness! I’m free spirited and all but I have my limits, if you know what I mean! If anything stereotyping provides me with some very amusing and unique storytelling but I can understand that it is human natural to judge the outer appearance of someone because this is what we see first and curly hair is sometimes unfairly stigmatized as “unruly and unprofessional”, so this translates into wild, adventurous or a badass which in my opinion is not too shabby of ones description of another but sometimes can inhibit you especially if you work in a more corporate profession but being a natural like anything can often attract misinterpreted behavior from others in sometimes insinuating we prefer to be tied up in chained rather than drinking tea and eating croissants by the French Rivera.

Ladies why are we sometimes labeled as “the bad or wild girl” or what was an encounter when someone assumed you were?