With an abundance of natural hair care tips and information practically at your fingertips, how do you determine what is the best natural hair advice for you? Does texture even factor into your final decision when deciding what advice to follow? Or when it comes to the care of your natural tresses, do you feel depending on your hair type, not all advice is created equal?  

Well you just may be a “Hair Twin”, “Speed Hairater or a “Do Not Haircriminator”? Read below to find out which one are you.




Hair Twin

Look for those with natural hair similar to your texture. Damn near identical similarity is a necessity not a luxury!


Speed Hairater

Much like a speed dater you have your doubts but will not let skepticism rule your world. You are willing to listen to the information and make your assessment from there. Depending on the situation you could take it or leave it.


Do Not Haircriminator

Consider textures much like love, in that it is blind and that all natural hair advice can work for anyone so kinky, curly, coily or wavy you do not hair-discriminate. If the hair pattern is anything other than straight you are willing to give the advice a chance.

Let us know your choice and then explain why?