I was raised by the old phrase “Never judge a book by it’s cover” since I was 5 years old. I remember it was constantly instilled throughout my youth but really didn’t come to understand the true meaning until I was a little older. As a natural I think it is easy for some to judge another’s character on the basis of their non-naturalness or someone who prefers to wear their hair straight but I am here to say I have a many of friends who have not “come into the natural side” (in my best Darth Vader voice) and I will be damned if someone wants to attack who they are or their level of “blackness”. People go natural for many reasons and depending on the person natural hair can mean “just hair”. To others transitioning can mean financial reasons or gaining health of the hair but to others it is more than “just hair” but a lifestyle change. I would never judge or give attitude to another sister for the way she decides to rock her hair. To me my hair is an extension of my creativity and means much more than simply a trend but extensions of one’s self comes through many different forms and I was not put on this earth as the all mighty to dictate how that form is expressed. Judging someone on the physical before you have even given them a chance to show who they truly are is an ugly beast that needs to be beat into submission. Perhaps a woman is contemplating becoming natural. Why would I knock a woman down and automatically make assumptions on her disposition. No one on this planet is perfect and when you are quick to judge someone due to their physicality there is something within yourself you need to address before you preach to the masses. Though some would argue the state of someone’s hair reflects who, how and what they are but to put it bluntly, let me tell you I have met a plenty of naturals that could give a cocky pickle damn what is going on socially, politically and consciously in this country and then on the flipside have met a plenty of un-natural women or a preference to wear their hair straight who are all up in the business of helping, teaching, changing and making moves to better their community after all who would like to argue on the character or “blackness” of Oprah, Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King, etc. Once you have put back into the community a smidgeon of what these women have accomplished then you can talk.