Feature photo by Ben O’ Brian Smith. I am simply over the moon and extremely proud of my twin sister, Singer/Lyricist/Songwriter/, TK Wonder who is the winner in the music category for the 2013 See.me launch contest. With a global community of over 600,000 See.me provides a platform for artists to share their work and in their words “get recognized”.

The judging panel included Q-Tip, Stretch Armstrong, DJ Spooky and Kate Earl, with prizes for TK Wonder including a listening party hosted by one of her favorite labels, Downtown Records, (their roster includes artist I love like Gnarls Barkley, Mos Def, Justice, Major Lazer, Santigold and more), $7,000 cash grant and inclusion in See.Me’s broadcast.

You all have been very supportive of TK Wonder’s work so I just had to share because I am beyond ecstatic!

TK sized

 “To create music I’m proud to share with others and feels good to me. I cherish songwriting, rapping, singing and performing on stage. I believe live performances are extremely imperative and there’s something cathartic about letting lose on stage. I feel a raw, feral energy, uninhibited when I perform and I truly enjoy the experience. Electronica, experimental, dub or house are the genres I feel the most connected to in regards to songwriting and I look forward to continuing my creative process.” –TK Wonder